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quest log 1

  • this is my quest to find the peices of my mysterious ceramic gift

    part one

    as i was walking along i ran into a saytr he asked what i was doing this far into the forest after i explained my quest he said he knew some naids that might be able to help except a dam had been biult drying up there lake he said if i helped they might help me when we got to the lake there was a cyclops on the dam he said he was told to guard it and proceded to try to attack me it was a hard fight and i lost my weapons but eventually one after eating some ambrosia and necter i felt better and proceded to ask the water to push against the dam it did and the dam broke then 3 naieds appeared i told them my story and they agrred to help me first they gifted me witha pearl hairpin which they said when i wanted it to would turn into a dagger i put it into my hair and they told me too follow the lake and eventually i would find my next clue i thanked them and set off

     the photo is the hairpin

  • Mediae
    Mediae Ooo! Nice! Loads of people are getting quests these days! Good luck on yours kiddo, and again, if you do somehow end up in England, give me a shout would ya?
    Apr 3 - Report
  • uni(he/him)princeofthesea
    uni(he/him)princeofthesea will do and im now weraing that hairpin at ALL TIMES!
    Apr 3 - Report