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Iris Quest 6

  • Hey all. Most of you have been texting me about how my quest is going. Well, it's pretty busy. Now, I'll continue telling you guys my story.

     When I first heard that Max was a hunter too, I got really happy. I mean, she was like a sister. "I'm a huntress too," I said. "I just joined them," She looked as happy as I was, tho she was still tense because of the thing that had just happened. 

    She looked at my clothes, she must've been really used to demigods, that she didn't feel weird about my ripped and dirty clothes. 

    "So, why are you here?" she asked. I sat on to the ground. I was exhausted and my knees were shaking.

    "Iris, the rainbow goddess sent me on a quest," I said. "She told me to follow the rainbow and I've been doing what she told me to do for a few days."

    Max looked quite surprised. "You know, Iris sent me a message too. She told me to the same thing." 

    I was confused. "Wouldn't Iris let us know that we were supposed to have teammates?" Max thought about this for a few seconds.

    "Maybe she has sent us on different quests?"

    "And let us meet here? I don't think so... I don't know what I'm supposed to the in the end, do you?"

    Max shook her head. "Know what?" I said. "Maybe we should do this quest together. After all, Iris told us to follow the rainbow, and that's what we'll do."

    Max was thinking really hard. It was like she was trying to guess why we met and why Iris sent us on this quest. 

    "Alright," she said finally. "For now, we have to find a place to sleep."

    We spent the next hour building a shelter. Max hunted a deer and used its skin to build it. (I know, it is kinda cruel and gross, but we were in a life-or-death situation, and had to survive.) After a few hours we were done building the fire, building the shelter, cooking the meat. Actually, Max was the one who had done all these, I just helped her. 

    Then we sat around the fire and started eating our meal. "How are you this professional?" I asked. "You told me that you were a new huntress..."

    She looked like she was hiding something, but I couldn't judge her, after all, we had just met.

    "Oh, have I said such a thing?" she said. "I have been a hunter for the last five years, actually, but five years is such a short period of time for us hunters." She smiled.

    I decided not to think about what she was hiding. She seemed like a nice person.

    "So," she said. "Are you new around?" Max threw a tree branch into the fire. The fire started dancing wildly.

    "Um, yeah... I learned that I was a demigod a few months ago. I read some interesting books about demigods and Camp Half-Blood, I never got claimed by a god, but a god told me that I am Athena's daughter. So I joined cabin six, and a while later I decided to join Artemis' hunters."

    She looked at me like she was looking at a cat with two heads. "You mean, you never got claimed, but a god told you who your godly parent is?" 

    I nodded. That was the truth, but Max didn't look like she believed me. She was actually more like thinking if any other demigods had the same situation.

    "Look," I said. " I know this sounds weird, but I love reading and am quite knowledgebale for my age. So, I might actually be Athena's kid."

    Suddenly, Max turned her head and looked above my head. She looked shocked. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth. "Um, Asia Dawn, I don't think you're Athena's daughter..."

    I looked above my head but couldn't see anything beecause something was shining so bright.

    Max took a deep breath. "You're a daughter of Apollo..."