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Book Recommendations: Week 2

  • Hey guys! I just really quick wanted to talk about something really quick. I haven't been active lately, it's just because I was kind of busy lately but I'm okay! This weekend I had a lot going on. Um, that's all I wanted to say really quickly!

         So, what I was going to talk about today is probably a book that most of you have heard of, but I want to share it with the people who haven't! This book is Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. The main characters of this book are Sadie and Carter Kane. Carter and Sadie are siblings, but since their mother died Sadie has lived with their grandparents in England, and Carter lives with their Dad, traveling around the world. The museum that they are in with their dad explodes, their dad gets sucked up into a sarcophagus, Sadie and Carter meet their Uncle, and they learn magic. Many more things happen, but you'll just have to read the book and see!