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My Quest- Day 1 (Roleplay)

  • Last night, I was having a good peaceful dream when my godly dad (Apollo) appeared and told me to go on a quest for his cow. I was so confused, because why did he want a COW? I woke up, thought about it for a little bit, and remembered. Apollo's red cows, the Cattle of Helios. How could he lose a whole entire cow though? I did some Google research, and found out that they usually pasture on the island of Thrinacia. Couldn't Apollo go to Thrinacia on his own? Then it occurred to me. A cow probably escaped from the island. If I were a   fiery-sun-cow, where would I go? Maybe a field somewhere? I'll be checking out some nearby fields later and tomorrow morning, wish me luck.

    Bye for now, Delaney