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Delphi Strawberry Service

  • Add some mortal or non-mortal reviews for our favourite Strawberry farm at CHB (positive or negative and as crazy as you want)

  • Mediae
    Mediae 0/10 It's not grapes. ~ Mr D
  • CharlotteGerlach
    CharlotteGerlach 6/10 The strawberries were delicious, but the service was not good. I was run at several times by teenagers with sharp weapons. Fortunately they were not able to get to me, due to the fact that some kind of barrier came up. None of the other costumers...  more
  • TheGodOfMistakes
    TheGodOfMistakes 0/10 it's not cheese - Doug
  • Child_of_Chaos
    Child_of_Chaos 1/10, The delivery was absurd, I was brought my strawberries in a straw basket by a child in a traffic-cone orange shirt. He looked lost and beat up. He had a gash wound on his right arm and his hair was singed at the edges. Was wearing goggles and...  more