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Myth-y Mondays Week 7- 2/15/21

  • Origin: Ancient China

    Story: The Bean Paste Maker's Daughter's Son

    Here’s a cool story my mom told me! Also, Trans/intersex Deities Part II is in the making


    There once was a bean paste maker who had a beautiful daughter. The daughter (who’s name I can’t remember :V) fell in love with a handsome young man. They got married, and though they were poor, they were happy. The couple soon had a son, and he grew up to be strong and virtuous. One day, the father is drafted off to fight a sea serpent terrorizing the waters of a nearby kingdom. The father bids his family goodbye, and boards the ship docked in the port.


    One year passes… then two… then three… then five. And soon, tired and soul-broken men return home. They pass by the bean paste maker’s daughter’s family (whew, that’s a mouthful) and sorrowfully tells them that the father is in fact dead. The mother cries, but her son has a hardy look of determination on his face. It turns out that they actually didn’t manage to kill the serpent, and the son signs himself up to fight. Before he goes, his mother tells him and the crew that if he survives, raise a white flag, and if he’s dead, raise a red flag. One solemn nod later, the son walks up to the boat and disappears into it.


    The mother waits and waits and waits, until one day- many years later- she spots a ship in sailing towards her. And the sails… were a deep maroon red. The mother, overwhelmed with grief, runs up into the local mountain and cries into the earth. She cries until her tears have run out, she cries until she collapses, and she cries until she is engulfed into the mountain. On the ship, a young man steps off. The son has survived, but the sails were dyed red from the blood of the serpent. The son, searching for his mother, runs up to the mountain side and finds a small flower; his mother’s spirit. 


    Whew! This is like a Theseus/Hyacinth fanfiction written in ancient China. (which is funny since Ancient China's older than Greece...) It’s a bit shorter than usual but I hope you enjoyed it!