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The Candle Fae- A CHBA Fanfiction

  • Topher stuck on the Hermes Air label and smiled at his handy work. A white-wax candle adorned with the smells of the Dodona Grove, contained in a small brass cylinder. It was one of many, and each candle was made with love and care. What Topher didn’t know was that because of the love he had poured into each candle, a new fae was created. The Candle Fae.


    T.K huffed as he ran towards the woods, trying to shake the monster at his tail. He didn’t know what it was, and he most definitely did not want to know. It seemed, however, fate had other plans. Behind him, T.K heard a guttural howl.

    “I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” he cried, his arms flailing. The package he had been holding flew into the air, and a small brass cylinder fell out. The lid popped off as it hit the ground, and the candle toppled over unceremoniously. T.K stared at the dropped shipment with a look of disdain. 

    “You…” he waggled his finger at the monster, “you made me drop my package. And THAT is a deed of pure evil!” The monster cocked its head confusedly, and T.K finally got a good look at the thing. It was a werewolf, but instead of the usual lumber-jack style outfit, it wore a classy suit and tie. 

    “Huh,” murmured T.K, “the brown with champagne-gold undertones work really well with your fur.” The werewolf nodded, clearly happy someone had finally recognized its fashion ingenuity. Just as T.K was about to say something else, the candle that had fallen out of the package lit-up. In the flame, a small figure appeared.

    “Yo, werewolf,” said the flame, “love your outfit but could you be more chill? You made the bro drop me.” The werewolf grumbled and straightened its tie before standing up and sulking off. T.K stared at the candle man with surprise and curiosity.

    “Dude,” muttered the flickering light, “I’m a Candle Fae. Not a museum artifact.” T.K’s jaw dropped, and he clasped the sides of his face in glee.

    “Woah! That’s so cool. You guys are like fairies, right? Did Topher create you? Do you have cool candle powers?” The Candle Fae grumbled and leaned away from his grinning face.

    “First, I’m not a fairy. Second, Topher sort of did. His overwhelming love subconsciously created us. Third, chill with the questions bro, I’m a Candle Fae, not a fortune teller.” T.K squealed and lifted the fae into his hands.

    “I’m T.K, by the way,” he said, beaming. “I’m Donovan,” replied the candle, “hey does your name stand for Tiny Kandle by any chance? I have a cousin named that.”

    “Nah,” and T.K smiled, “but if you want we can totally get nicknames for each other.” Donovan snorted and crossed their fiery arms, “no way Kandle-bro, no freaking way.”