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Myth-y Mondays 13; 3/29/21- CHEEEEEEESE


    Origin: Abathia

    I thought it was about time you lovely people learned a little more about Abathia! For those of you who don’t know, Abathia is my main conworld! So without further or do, please enjoy the tale of CHEEEEEEESE.


    In the land of Abathia, there lived a queen named Amni (which literally means “cold” in Abathian.) She ruled her subjects justly and fairly but the land seemed to be deprived of emotion and feeling. See, Queen Amni was so cold that she radiated an energy that made her subjects feel a bit down. But everything changed when (10 bucks says you think “the fire nation attacked&rdquo she met Herith.


    Herith was a beautiful young woman who worked as one of Amni’s servants. One day, after a particularly bad war-council, she decided to keep the Queen company. Amni found that she could rely on Herith not only as a loyal servant, but a kind and caring friend. Soon, Queen Amni’s coldness began to melt, as Herith’s loving nature had begun to rub off on her.


    However, Amni soon began to realize something. Every time Herith hugged her her heart would twist in circles. Every time she braided her hair her face felt hot. And Amni began wanting to see Herith more and more until she eventually couldn’t stop thinking of her at night. One day, Amni decides to confront her on how she feels. She gets up from bed and walks over to the maid’s quarters and finds Herith’s bed. After waking her, Amni leads her out to the palace gardens to talk.


    She holds Herith’s hand and stares at her square in the eye.

    “When does affection become love?”

    Herith, startled, lets go of her hand. Amni gives her a sad smile.

    “What’s the line between an infatuation and an obsession?” 

    She doesn’t answer. Amni sighs and stands up to leave, but Herith stops her. Before she can say anything, screams echo across the palace gardens. It seemed that the city was under attack, and that the raiders had made their way to the palace.


    All of a sudden, an arrow lands itself into Herith’s chest with a sickening thud. Amni turns around and hugs her tight, trying to find a way to safely remove the arrow. But rather than crying, Herith simply laughs. She tells Amni that there was so much she didn’t know, so much she didn’t know how to say. But time turned slippery, and Herith’s time had run out. 


    Her body turned to smoke, and laying on the ground was a bright yellow block.


    And that is why the Abathian word for cheese is Herith, meaning “kind-hearted”.