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Myth-y Mondays Week 14; 4/5/21- Puna and His Dragon Wife

  • Story: Puna and His Dragon Wife

    Origin: Hawaii


    There were once two goddesses named Kilhawahine and Haumea. When the time came to marry and what-not, Haumea saw Puna, the chief of Oahu and went, “hm, yeah okay I’ll take that one.” But (ruh-roh) Kilhawahine ALSO wanted to marry Puna. So one day, while Puna was out with his people searching for a good spot to surf, she popped up and told Puna that the place he was in right now wasn’t that great. She added that if he just swam with her a little bit more far out, there would be this perfect spot. And so, Kalawahine lured Puna out past the reef and to another island-- Molokai.


    The two lived together and had a pretty good time. But in this situation, Puna was essentially a prisoner. He couldn’t leave the island because Kalawahine was a dragon goddess, and was ruthless and cruel if tempted. But Puna really missed the ocean and, well, SoCiAl InTeRaCtIoN, and so Kalawahine granted him permission to go down to the shore. There, he met his brother-in-law Hinole, who was totally chill and invited Puna for dinner. Over their meal, Hinole and Puna devised a plan to escape Kalawahine. 


    The next day, Puna decided to enact the plan. He pretended to be sick, and when his wife asked what was wrong, he told her that he was ill and needed special water from Poliahu on the snow-covered mountain of Mauna Kea. Kalawahine agreed, and Puna handed her a jug. Little did she know that at the bottom of the container was a small hole. As soon as Kalawahine had left, Puna leaped out of bed and rushed to get a canoe. From there, he paddled to Maui and then to Kau. Puna climbed up to the volcano of Pele, the fire goddess, and told her his story. She took pity on him and allowed him sanctuary in her crater.


    At Poliahu, Kalawahine struggled to fill the jug. When she finally noticed the hole, she knew she had been tricked and called upon her dragon pals. They went up to Pele’s crater and shouted angrily for Puna, but Pele did not give him up. When Kalawahine spat at the volcano, the fire rose up with such strength and power that some of the dragons were killed. Kalawahine managed to escape by leaping into the pond of Lokoaka, where she was imprisoned for a while.


    I legit cannot fit this entire story into one Myth-y Monday so I’ll leave it at that. The actual ending is also very gruesome so I think it’d be best just to clip it off there :,) Anyways, hope you enjoyed this week’s Myth-y Monday!