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Help with finding an agent

  • Sorry for asking this late, but is there any place that shows how to/get a writing agent?  

  • Mneme
    Mneme Madeline Abigail's asking about how to find an agent! Great question
  • TopherBradfield(He/him)
    TopherBradfield(He/him) The SCBWI, that Madeline mentioned earlier tonight, gives you access to these kinds of lists and resources. Additionally there are yearly regional and national conventions, once things return to in-person, that allow you to reserve time with agents and...  more
  • Madeline
    Madeline So, like Topher said above, the SCBWI is a great resource for finding an agent and with networking with people in the industry. Once you are feeling ready to submit, the process works something like this:

    1) You write a book. (This can be something as...  more