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Official CHBA D&D

  • "Come one, come all, to the newly created Official Camp Half Blood Austin Dungeons & Dragons campaign! This campaign starts where the Unofficial Campaign left off. That is, with the monsters from the diary of H.G Wells roaming the mortal world, a bitter remnant from the forgetfulness of the last questing group. The new and freshest questing group must combine their varying cabin powers, unique skills and beautiful personalities in order to fight the monsters that litter the land of the living."


    Hello everyone! As you may know, Lauryn recently started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign officially for camp! I'll be writing the recaps for each session, so, as I had promised earlier on, here is the first recap for our Session 0!

    I had so much fun meeting some of you for the first time, and I can't wait to sit with you and watch you grow on your journeys throughout this campaign. 


    Here is the link to read the recap!: