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  • Hello everyone!

    As some of you may know, I've been a player in a Camp Half Blood Austin Dungeons & Dragons campaign for a while now. It's coming to an end unfortunately, so as a tribute I have been writing up our session recaps in a story form. You're all absolutely welcome to click on the link:


    To take you to the document that I've been writing it on. I would write it here, but there's just some formatting issues and I also co-edit with some other players! I hope you love reading what happened as much as I loved playing & writing it

    Special thank you to Nico and Lauryn for making this game possible!!

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  • TheArchivist
    TheArchivist You have been one of my absolute favorite players to date, and to have the story I wrote commemorated like this? It's the highest honor possible. You're fantastic! Don't you forget it!
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