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The Meg McDonalds Problem

  • So, for this English thing, we had to speed-write (write without thinking) for a bit in the past and not slip into present and then try in the present and not slip into past.

    Apollo had sat in the back of the car, wondering when on earth Meg was going to arrive with his fries. He had been waiting for an immense amount of time by now, and was honestly quite bored. He had debated whether or not to go after the traffic light clad girl, but decided not to. It was too much trouble to do so, and, quite frankly, he didn’t want to get in any more mess than he already was.


    Meg was slipping. Her brain was getting slower and slower at realising when she was in danger. All she had done was put on foot inside of the McDonalds cafe, when suddenly, completely out of the blue, a human-sized, two-headed snake rolled out from behind the counter. It was hissing loudly, and grabbing the nearest thing to it (a bucket of fries), launched it at Meg’s head. She was just ducking sloppily when the snake caught her with its tail. As she struggled, one of her rings came loose and she had an idea. Launching the ring out of the window, she was hoping Apollo would get the hint.

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