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Valentine's Day Writing 5 Part 2WOO, I'M LONELY!!!)

  • And now… the story that brings them all together… THE FINALE

    We all decided that we had had our fun... but it was time for MORE FUN!!! We hopped in my car, quite cramped, but Elija and Levi were small enough that they could fit in the trunk, THAT WAS CONNECTED TO THE BACK SEAT, they weren’t suffocating. We were about half way there, when Eliza asked-

    “So what gave you the idea to take us to Chuck E. Cheese after the dance?”

    I blushed.
    “Oh, uh, it’s embarrassing, I don’t wanna-”

    “It’s cool, man.” Levi said. “We won’t laugh.”

    I sighed.
    “Well, my mom did this with her friends on her first Valentine’s Day Dance. It was the day she met… the day she met my dad.”

    I could tell I made everyone uncomfortable, that’s why I didn’t want to bring it up.

    “I-I’m sorry, guys, I just-”

    Eliza put her hand on my shoulder.
    “It’s fine, Alex. You-don’t have to talk about it.”

    I smiled
    “Thanks. Oh, we’re here!”

    We all got out of the car, and stepped inside, the smell of pizza and the sound of arcade games filled our senses.

    “So,” I started. “What do you wanna do first?”


    Me and Eliza ran at the ski-ball while Levi and Lucy did the one next to us. Rachel and Jason went to see the animatronics, with Elija standing behind them, cowering in fear. We finished our first game of ski-ball and ran around to see what else we could find. We walked by the Jurassic Park VR simulator and that looked like fun.

    “Do you wanna do that?” Levi asked.

    “Nah.” Eliza replied. “I've always been scared of the Jurassic Park movies, don’t know why.”

    We walked past that when Elija turned around and looked at the animatronics.

    “Hey, guys?” He asked.

    “What’s up?” I replied, smiling.

    “Those animatronics are… glowing.”

    We all looked to the animatronics, only to see their eyes glowing bright blue. Quickly, their eyes turned to us, followed by their heads, bodies, and legs. They started to walk towards us, slow, but scary.

    “RUN!” I yelled. We began to run to the exit when I heard Elija yell. I saw him lying on the floor, having just tripped, so I picked him up and began to carry him. As soon as we stepped out the door, the floor opened, and we began to fall. The animatronics didn’t follow, but we fell and landed on some metal floor. I was able to land on my back and roll to absorb the impact (don’t ask, I have know idea either) but everyone else landed on their stomach, except for Elija who was still on my back. I set him down and noticed that he had a nose blue and he punctured his lip. I looked around the room and saw a cart with some paper-towels on it. I grabbed one and gave it to Elija.

    “Clean up that blood, you’ll be okay.” I said, trying to stay calm. I stood up and looked behind me, to see something that I was surprised I had missed. It was a huge, no, massive generator… or it looked like a generator. It had wires going in-and-out of it, and it had this blue glow, with what looked like shards of glass floating around it, sifting through the air like water.

    “What is this place?” Lucy asked. Levi walked up to it and pried open a hatch that had levers and switches in it. He started fiddling with them, pushing buttons, pulling levers, and examining tiny letters on flat surfaces. Whether he liked to admit it or not, Levi loved Si-Fi, and was great with futuristic tech. He always acted like a sports guy, a jock or something, but coding was his real passion.

    He backed up, with a scared look on his face. I walked up to him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

    “I-It’s a,” He stuttered. “Look man, I may be wrong, but If I’ve watched The Super Dooper Science Pooper Show 31 times over, then… this is a multi-dimensional rift.”

    I made a small, humorless laugh.
    “Levi, that doesn’t exist.”

    He looked at me.
    “And I know that. Which is why this” He waved his hand over the machine. “shouldn’t exist!”

    We all stared in awe at the multi-da-what-what-thingamajig and Eliza began to walk toward it. She made sure not to touch it, as she walked up to the machine.

    “Why would Chuck E. Cheese have a multi-dimensional rift?”

    “Well,” Rachel started. “Those animatronics were definitely powered by something, not from this planet. Maybe they’re getting it from some other universe!”

    I put my hand on my chin and thought.
    “Well whatever it’s getting used for, we need to get outta here and tell someone.”

    I looked around to see if there’s an exit. I found a door and ran up to it. I jiggled the doorknob and it was locked.

    “It’s locked. Give me a hand!” Everyone came up to the door and we began to push. Eventually the door fell over and we came toppling with it. We all jumped up and saw a long hallway in front of us. I looked at everyone to mentally tell them “Let’s go.” We began to run until we saw a giant, and I mean easily house-sized Chuck E. Cheese animatronic. It turned it’s massive head to show us it’s glowing eyes and permanently smiling mouth. It began to slowly walk to us until that turned into a jog. We ran backwards until I felt a chunk of metal hit my back. I had walked right into the multi-dimensional rift. I felt electrical energy flow through me, my body shivering from lightning coursing through my blood-stream. I tried my hardest to turn my head just to see everyone with fists clenched as they glowed with blue light, flowing from the rift into their bodies.I turned toward the machine and felt a crack go up my spine. I mean it, my body was literally breaking into multiple parts. I couldn’t see or feel any blood but I knew what was happening. I looked to see Eliza, Levi, Elija, Rachel, Lucy, and Jason being split into multiple pieces of themselves when my vision went dark. I saw in front of me flashes of different timelines. I saw me, kissing Eliza in superhero suits, what looked like a super-villain sprawled on the floor. I saw me dancing with a girl in some royal palace. I saw me throwing a pillow at Elija, along with me and my friends riding the waves on some prehistoric beast. I then realised that those were all me. I was in everyone of them, I was the centerpiece of all of this. And I was the person who was gonna save my friends. I saw color again but it wasn't what I wanted to see. The giant Chuck E. Cheese was holding me by the neck, his jaw unhinged, about to swallow me whole. I then felt a rush of adrenalin flow from my mind to my hands. I then raised my hand and hoped for the best. Suddenly, a massive stone column shot out of my hand and lodged itself into the creature’s mouth. I let two more stone pillars spring from my feet and I lifted myself out of its grasp. I turned around and ran to my friends. I ripped them off the machine and I saw Eliza’s eyes go back into focus..

    “Wha-Alex? Aex, is that-What are you wearing?

    “A pillow.” I responded, hastily. “Long story, just… Imagine that you’re a superhero!”

    Immediately, I mean right away, a huge blast of fire erupted from the ground that Eliza was sitting on.

    I looked back to see Eliza, standing all heroic-like, a super-suit on with fire in her eyes.

    “WOO!!” She yelled.

    “Guys!” I yelled to everyone else, as stones surrounded my eyes and a blue jump-suit covered my body.

    “Think about your other lives! You feel it right? We all have doppelgangers, better than we are. Just remember!”

    Again, immediately light covered my eyes. When I opened them, I smiled and laughed.


    Jason and Rachel - A sword-wielding, armour-wearing, medieval duo.


    Elija - Armed with two pillows and cushions for armour, nothing can stop his kindergarten passion.


    Lucy and Levi - They ride into battle on a giant, gilled, horned, clawed, winged, T-Rex they call “The Abominasaurus” straight from Jurassic Park.


    Me and Eliza - Dressed as Firey and Earthen heroes, we’ll stop at nothing to stop the foe.


    Author’s Note: I recommend listening to action music while reading this next part.


    We turned to look at the monster that I now call “Chucky Chomps”. It gave us a monstrous roar as it charged towards us. We all jumped into the air so it ran behind us and into the wall. We hit the ground, one after the other. Elija took out a mini-pillow and side-armed it at Chucky Chomps. With a satisfying “CRACK!”, the pillow took out a good chunk of metal out of the beast. It grabbed its side, and looked up, but it was too late. Lucy and Levi were already charging at it with The Abominasarus. Its horns crashed into Chucky’s stomach as Levi ran up the neck of the dinosaur, and began to rip out wires and electrical outlets in the chest of Chucky Chomps. Chucky began to force back the dino, causing Levi to wobble. Then Rachel and Jason hopped up onto the dinosaur and ran up its back. They jumped up to Chucky Chomps’ head and started withering away at his noggin. Sparks flew everywhere and with Chucky successfully being held back, I knew it was our turn. Eliza shot flames out her hands and feet and flew up to Chucky. I shot pillars out my legs and rose up face-to-face with the monstrous animatronic. I raised myself even higher and focused on Chucky in my mind. I brought all the stone in my body and summoned it to my chest. Suddenly, probably 10 massive stone columns shot out of my chest and directly into Chucky Chomps’ face. I felt the multidimensional energy pour out of it and into the surrounding area. I grabbed my friends, blasted a hole in the roof with a stone pillar, and rushed them out. I got Elija and Rachel, while Eliza got Jason. Levi and Lucy rode out on The Abominasaurus. As soon as we got out of the building, Chucky Chomps exploded with a dazzling blue glow.We hit the ground and rolled a couple feet. There was an intense ringing in my ears until I regained focus and looked back at the Chuck E. Cheese franchise. I saw blue flames burning around the gap in the building we burst out of. I also saw the remains of Chucky Chomps and ideas began to spark in my mind.

    “Alex?” Levi tapped me on the shoulder. “I may be wrong but… I think we survived?” I gave him a high-five and I turned around to see my friends. The Abominasaurus had disappeared, along with me and Eliza’s suits, Rachel Jason’s armour, and Elija’s pillows.

    “Hey guys?” I pondered. “You see that robot corpse over there? I get the sense that that could be hollowed out. Not to mensions, I think I know a giant dinosaur capable of lifting that.” I saw everyone’s smile grow and I smiled along with them.

    “Let’s go home. We have some blue-prints to draw up.”


    I lowered my columns in the elevator shaft we made so I could get down faster to get down to Levi and Lucy’s quarters to tell them that lunch was ready. I set down the bowl of raw steak that I got from my uncle for Stanly, our pet dino. I walked into the shaft and shot pillars out my legs and began to go down.

    “Hey Jason, Rachel! Lunch is ready!”

    “Woo!” Rachel said, excited. “Come on, Jason!”

    “Coming!” Jason responded. I lowered into the downstairs.

    “Elija?” I asked.

    “Hey, at least I’m punctual!” He said, smiling.

    As everyone piled downstairs, me and Eliza layed out the Borgéts and Swiss Cola, and we all just inhaled.

    “Man,” Eliza said, a mouth full of Borgét. “These are good.”

    “Thanks,” I responded. “Special recipe.” I kissed her and we continued to eat.


    Half an hour later, it was time to go home. We walked outside the corpse of Chucky Chomps that we turned into a super-base. Eliza kissed me on the cheek and I smiled big.

    “See you guys tomorrow!” I yelled.

    “See ya!” That responded. And we walked off into the forest, returning to our normal lives, knowing of the dimensions right at our fingertips.


    Well, now you know. Wonder why you keep seeing me? ‘Cause there’s an infinite amount of… me’s out there. You just need to find them… one Valentine’s Day at a time.