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Will's and Jared's Birthday Adventure

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    December 19, 2020 7:25 PM CST

    Today just so happens to be Will! (my OC, not the lamp shade son of Apollo) And I thought I post a drawing and story for it. Not the best at drawing so the hair looks funky but I digress.

    Will paced the dark hallway, his eyes wide and anxious. Beaded sweat dripped down his temple and cheek as his feet thumped the hard, wooden floor. Seeds of doubt nestled their way into Will's mind.
    What if I'm stuck here forever?
    What if Jared leaves me?
    What if-
    A creak of the door and a slash of light broke Will out of his thoughts. Whipping around, Will jumped towards the light. Out steps Jared, and as they walked towards Will they slowly reached out their hand and closed it around Will's. The light behind them clicked to pitch black, and Will's eyes darted to Jared. They laughed quietly, before kissing him softly and telling him it'll be alright. Jared guided Will's feet towards the door's direction, before flinging it open and flicking on the light.
    "SURPRISE!" Jared grinned, and they tossed up some confetti hidden in their sleeves. Will let out a snort and a laugh, and hugged their arm tight. Jared smiled softly and kissed him again.
    "Happy birthday, my stupidly adorable husband."

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    January 19, 2021 9:06 PM CST

    Abigail, I thought you might want to move this over to a blog entry yourself? Forums don't let us Like, Comment or even show up in the feed, so I'm migrating all the forum posts over to the blogs!