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Topher's Birthday Quest 2021 - Topher can't see this!!!

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    January 5, 2021 5:14 PM CST



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    January 12, 2021 5:09 PM CST

    HUGE update! I just heard from Topher's mom - Aphrodite :) Apollo has given her the pieces of Topher's animus and she has hidden them in OUR HEARTS! She says that we can return the pieces to him by sharing our stories of our favorite moments with Topher...

    So dig deep in your hearts! Pick your favorite moments and POST THEM HERE!!!

    You can write it, sing it, draw it, dance it, do a TikTok or a video and post the link here and on Feb 13th (the night before Valentine's Day) we'll share them with Topher and bring all the pieces together!

    WARNING - Keep your eye out for monsters! They are not going to want Topher to get his godhood back and they might try to eat your story!

  • Rin
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    January 12, 2021 6:37 PM CST

    Sometimes, you will come across certain people in life that will stop at no cost to bring happiness to the people around them. They will encourage anyone of any talent to keep pursuing what they're passionate about. They'll be the person to step into a room and diffuse any negative feelings that are in it.

    At camp, this person is Topher Bradfield. He is the very reason we're able to have this wonderful space, this place of comfort and encouragement.

    But...What makes Topher...Topher? Let me list a few personal reasons.

    When I joined camp online in the very first official site they had, and Topher welcomed me with no hesitation.

    When I posted my first training video and Topher gave me the encouragement I needed to keep practicing and make more videos.

    When I joined the early versions of Topher Talk and read passages of my favourite characters with him and people I now consider close friends.

    When I got to spend 2 weeks of my summer in the wonderful atmosphere of camp he created.

    When he always has the right words at the end of everyday to leave you with a heart full of kindness.

    When, every Tuesday, he is there to talk to us & listen to us with all the appreciation he can conjure up.

    When he saw a random kid from the other side of the world and, without realising, changed their life around for the better.

    If it weren't for Topher, I wouldn't have the friends I do today. I wouldn't have D&D every Saturday with people I love. I wouldn't have Zoom calls every Tuesday chatting with people who inspire me to become the best person I can be. I wouldn't have this silly Hermes Air box still sat in my room that I just can't get rid of, because it makes me too happy every time I look at it. It stores all my school folders, now.

    I wouldn’t have a copy of a book I turn to whenever I need guidance from characters in a story. I wouldn't have the confidence to put forward my creative ideas, nor would I have the confidence to uplift as many people as I do today. He may not realise this, but my current life & schedule is rooted in the community he formed.

    It's hard to think of a birthday gift better than the gifts Topher has given me. Happy birthday Topher, and thank you. 


    And here's some art because at some point, I'm gonna run out of words :P

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    January 13, 2021 11:27 AM CST

    That sounds fun I am in

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    January 13, 2021 11:34 AM CST

    I joined the online camp in early September and Topher has been there every step of the way. When your down or your not feeling confident Topher will bring you back to earth. Topher is an all around great guy and he deserves as much love and happiness in the world. Topher should know that we all love himand want to thank him for the happiness and joy he brings all of us each day. He never has a bad thing to say about anybody (Except for maybe the monsters). I don't think he realizes it but he makes people feel great about themselves. If it weren't for Topher I would not have met or made friends with anybody from camp. So Topher I really really want to thank you for all the happiness and joy in my life, I hop your Birthday is filled with love, joy, and happiness because gods know you need it too. We Love you Topher. I could not have asked for a better person. 

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    January 13, 2021 3:23 PM CST

    Why yes I did cry while writing this, thank you for asking

    A few years ago, I wasn't in a great place. I was struggling a lot with my gender and sexuality, mainly because I had never seen anyone who was queer and ended up happy. When I went to camp for the first time, it was a revelation. I wasn't out yet, not even to myself. But that didn't matter, because here were so many people who were, and who were happy about it. The next year was honestly worse. As Kat would say, it was a Bad Time. But what got me through was thinking about camp. That following summer was the first time I ever introduced myself with my pronouns. I think I happy-cried at least three times that week. Ari gave me a trans flag (which I still have and love very much!), and my counselor even offered to wash it for me so my parents wouldn't see it. I got so much support that made up for the Bad Times. And at the end of that week, I remember Topher coming up to me before I left. He told me to keep being who I was. This year was another (you guessed it) Bad Time, but the hangout has helped immensely. Even having to do camp over zoom couldn't bring that down. Camp has always been an anchor for me, something that I can look forward to when it feels like everything's closing in. I honestly can't express how much this place means to me. I still have the Hermes Air box from this summer, I still have all my swords and tiny flags and all of my shirts. Sometimes, when things get really bad, I go through that box to remind myself that there's still good things to wait for. That things will get better. And I will always be so grateful to Topher for creating this, a safe place for all demigods. Without Topher, without camp, I don't know if I would have ever learned to take pride in who I am, to love myself. It's still a struggle to get up every morning. I'm still learning to ask for help, to not go silent on people when it gets too much. But I've come so far. And camp continues to help people. It's fun, exciting, and so, so welcoming. I found a family here. It keeps growing, with every new demigod who makes their way here. And Topher made that possible. Happy birthday, and thank you!

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    January 13, 2021 3:32 PM CST

    EVERYONE is making me cry! Rin and I started the cry counter at 10 I think, just on Topher Talk! This is so awesome! 3 pieces beautiful collected!

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    January 14, 2021 2:05 PM CST

    One unforgettable day Summer 2020, Loki dropped in for a surprise visit to Camp. Don't believe me? See for yourself>>

    I was a little worried because the first Smiley mask had just showed up at Topher's house and it's already chaotic with Smiley's around. So Loki was chatting with Topher and the demigods and for some reason, Topher decides to show Loki the mask, and I'm like "wave a red flag in front of a bull why don't you!" It's gold and shiny and causes trouble, you know Loki can't resist playing with it!

    Fortunately Loki did not take the mask, instead, to my growing horror, Loki started seeding the little suggestion that Topher LICK THE MASK! Next thing I knew, all the demigods and counselors were chanting with Loki LICK IT, LICK IT, LICK IT! 

    I watched Topher struggle with the pull of the mask when he took it out of the box earlier that day. With the growing chaos magic in the chant, he couldn't resist any longer and he LICKED THE MASK! The magic was so powerful, you'll still here demigods to this day start chanting LICK IT, LICK IT, for no seeming reason.

    Next thing I knew, this new meme child of mine appeared. Apparently Topher isn't the only one Loki has enchanted with the LICK IT magic!

    Topher, I love the way your spirit takes chaos magic and turns it into fun for everyone!

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    January 15, 2021 1:54 PM CST

    I joined this camp in late September early October I wanna say. Well I always had the most fun talking to you guys and you guys make me happy and just this month I am going through something quite traumatic for me and I made a post saying that I was still gonna be here but if something went wrong and if that happened I could no longer come to camp for reasons I don’t want to specify as of right now. This was continuing into last Tuesday at the Topher Talk. I mentioned tests coming up and that there was stuff going on in my life and I was just quite stressed and Topher started telling me that I was wonderful and I could do and it’s what I really need to hear and I just wanted to thank Topher for that and let him know that I’m so grateful that he helped make this wonderful place that has brought us all together and I think I’d be in a bad place without you guys so thank you.

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    January 15, 2021 2:29 PM CST

    Ah, we're so glad to be here with you too Ellana!

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    January 17, 2021 4:40 PM CST

    The Fake Topher Origin Story

    When I first made it to camp, I wasn't the outgoing demigod that you all may know me as today. I tended to hide behind other demigods, and suddenly found myself sticking my nose in whatever new information about the quests, I wanted to save camp after all! I remember one day Topher had pulled me aside to a place where some other demigods had gathered, and he slowly taught me how to read the Diary of H.G. Wells. Ever since then, I had looked up to Topher, a hero whose strength isn't in sword fighting or in throwing punches, but in loving others for who they are.

    Fast Forward to some seven years later to the Summer of 2019, when my friends and I decided we'd dress up as our favorite members of Camp Half-Blood Austin for fun. Everyone had picked theirs and I was left to think who am I going to choose? Before I knew it, there was a straw hat and fake glasses in my Amazon cart, and I was as ready as I could ever be to try and impersonate my hero. 

    When I arrived at camp the morning our plan was to go, I'll never forget the look on Topher's face. His eyes lit up and he laughed so hard he almost spilled his coffee. Now, I thought that was an honor enough, but Topher always loves to take things to the next level. He snatched the coffee cup I was carrying and filled it with his own personal coffee! As if things couldn't get any more serious, he asked if I wanted to lead Morning Line-Up.

    I don't know how Topher does it every morning. The sea of demigods ahead of you can give you quite the stage fright. Trying to rally up my best Topher Impression I yelled a hearty "GOOOOD MORNING DEMIGODS!" and was washed over with a sea of welcoming. Ever since it's kind of been a bit of mine to show up as Fake Topher to things, and as much as it's a bit, it's an honor. Topher, you're one of my biggest inspirations. You're the reason I wrote down every single twist and turn of camp history, you're the reason I keep coming back every summer. Thank you for creating my home away from home for over eight summers now. I cannot wait to see where we're heading together. Thank you for everything, but most importantly, Thank You for creating a family that surpasses a summer camp.

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    January 17, 2021 5:51 PM CST <- Ballad of the Coffee God I <- Ballad of the Coffee God II

    (Hopefully the links work)

    A traveler walks on a barren path

    He looks up, and sees the dark abyss

    But he does not grovel in fear of its wrath

    But merely smiles and and blows it a kiss

    “Hello, old friend. Been a while, eh?”

    The abyss says nothing, only listens

    “I left you for something larger than me.”

    The abyss says nothing, only glistens

    “I left you for love. For a place full of it!”

    The abyss says nothing, only watches

    “And that place is my home. And in it I sit.”

    The abyss says nothing, only pauses.

    “It’s called Camp Half Blood. And it’s perfect.”

    The abyss smiles, and stands.

    “Hello, Topher. Are you ready to enter the depths?”

    Topher nodded and the abyss grabs his hand.

    “Immortality is no small thing.”

    “I know.”

    “Are you prepared, my king?”

    “Most definitely no.”

    And the abyss and the Traveler became one.

    Topher Bradfield; Semi-God!

    Amazing, kind, and most definitely POG

    He takes to our hearts with love and ease

    His devotion and kindness seems to never cease

    With his hands he makes stunning candles

    With his mind he creates a place better than Randles! 

    Camp half blood is accepting, beautiful and brave

    With its heart a path towards the future is paved!

    A path of love

    A path of kindness

    A path on which we trod

    All because of Topher Bradfield; True-God

    A Tale for Topher

    When I first created Abathia, I created a character called Chipherto. Chipherto was the king after the fall of Chikalmanus, and his name meant molder of love.

    Chi = molder

    Pherto = love

    Equals nurturing.

    Equals acceptance.

    Equals king.

    And pherto was derived from Topher. 




    Do you see it?

    Do you know why his name is the name of a king?

    The name of a benevolent deity?

    Because that’s who Topher is.

    King and god in our hearts, lord of kindness and molder of children becoming adults. He is the one who harnesses our creativity and turns it into something beautiful. Topher is the one who creates and protects, the one who is there when no one else is. 

    That is why I made him poems, because he is the one who inspires us to write and create. 

    That is why I composed him ballads, because he is the one who sings us love.

    That is why I wrote this, because he is the one who gives us these experiences and stories of love, generosity, and acceptance. 

    So thank you Topher, and may your birthday be as great as you are.